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Spiritual teachings emphasize that your essence is comprised of divine substance -- universal consciousness. Which divine material may be the Strength observed inside of anything, just about everywhere.  But How can you reveal that every little thing seems to have its have special id? You are not your Puppy, and you are not the tree within your yard, both. You intuitively know this, and you are secure during the knowledge that you'll be not somebody or something else. It appears rather obvious, won't it?  But why, then, are you always informed that we have been all one particular, Which we've been all created from exactly the same common substance? There need to be some aspect, besides your egotistical insistence that it's so, that validates you are a novel being.  The cosmic energy that designed your soul essence has also designed that uniquely Exclusive identifier: your comprehensively particular person soul signature. While All people writes their identify Along with the exact basic letters, Everybody also has their own personal unique stamp of individuality within their expression of those essential letters, and this exclusive pattern of expression is their handwritten signature.  Your soul signature, then, need to be a novel arrangement of People simple universal factors, just as your created signature uniquely expresses The essential alphabet in your personal Distinctive way. And so this provides up the possibility that Though your soul is crafted from the exact same compound from which all souls were designed, you have a solitary difference that will constantly stand in contrast to all other souls. This realization could deliver you some relief, since now you understand that however deep your spiritual explorations might go, you won't evaporate into a imprecise void of cosmic nothingness when you development spiritually.  You will find, on the other hand, spiritual teachings that emphasize that the spiritual evolution will deliver you on the location in which you are one particular with the divine supply, and you will shed your distinctive identity. Which could look plausible, at the beginning, considering that all understanding of the universe is within you. So it does appear to be probable that as your consciousness expands, your realization of the whole universe within you should change your standpoint. This may be a valid place to take into account, for the reason that your minimal egocentric issues likely come from a slim, overly private point of view.  But does this signify that while you increase in consciousness, your unique soul signature disappears?  This is definitely not so, because your completely exceptional soul signature was developed for a crucial cause. Although you happen to be constructed from common material, your distinctive soul signature serves a higher purpose with the universe. Your distinct soul signature is your unique contribution that betters the universe, and that's why you were being produced as The actual soul that you will be.  If the spiritual development were being to just lower you right down to your necessary common material, without soul signature to individuate you, that will reduce the standard and richness accessible within the universe. Along with the universe is within a condition of at any time evolving consciousness -- which is its nature -- and Hence the universe Gains from, and even enjoys the Imaginative contributions from the special soul signature.  Therefore you might eternally improve in consciousness, due to the fact that is the optimum superior. Needless to say, It isn't so simple as some might desire, as the universe incorporates a dual delight in simplicity and complexity. Into the consternation of  people who seek to lower every little thing on the extremely very simple, these contradictory traits are without end intertwined in every single aspect of the universe.  Your spiritual development expresses an infinite evolutionary spiral that unites both of these paradoxical expansions as part of your consciousness:  one. While you evolve, your ego releases restricting self-definitions, turning out to be much more expansive, all-inclusive, and at just one with the universe.  two. And, when you evolve, your soul opens to its increased definition of self. And that higher comprehending contains your soul's uniqueness -- a deeper appreciation of your respective distinctive soul signature.  So whilst your ego is releasing limiting delusions of separation, your soul, at the exact same time, will become ever much more mindful of its distinct identification.  The interaction involving these seemingly contrasting realizations may demonstrate why there are numerous spiritual and philosophical paths. These two things appear to be opposed to each other, and it has been easier to bypass the contradictions by specializing in 1 or one other of those seeming opposites. This simplified, even though incomplete, method is undoubtedly simpler to teach.  Of course, lots of teachings bypass the paradox completely, by decreasing their teachings to the list of beliefs. Chief among the these is followers of that instructing can get their essential id just by getting members of the religious group. Properly, that's straightforward, isn't it? No problems there -- just do what you're told, slot in, and your identity is taken care of.  And for young souls, this is fine, mainly because further issues about cosmic identification and lengthy-term spiritual evolution are more appropriate issues with the more mature soul. And that is why the older souls slowly diverge from structured spiritual practice, as they look for an individual oriented, dogma-totally free solution that honors their true spiritual notion, without having substitutions of simplified beliefs and prefabricated id.  How about the spiritual teachings that emphasize how your spiritual evolution potential customers you to a generalized void or infinite Area of divine light? Like lots of teachings, they properly Specific a single Portion of the paradox. The aspect of your evolution that requires your Moi letting go of slim limiting self-definitions is explained by such teachings.  Your Moi, turning out to be freed from narrow definitions, does really open up to some higher common identification. But This is often only part of the method, because even even though your Moi is releasing its minimal identity, your soul has become extra self-mindful. And that is the missing piece in lots of spiritual teachings...  In the event your soul is setting up its distinctive power and focus mainly because it arrives into an ever-further realization of its individual soul signature, then it's going to evolve spiritually into higher consciousness by means of its own distinct pathway. And so your soul signature, made for being unlike some other, is truly carving its have path, by means of its personal individual character, and this inevitably contributes to its one of a kind contribution to your universe. And this is just what the common Imaginative energy that made your soul has usually needed.  The divine wishes your uniqueness for being a catalyst for your universe, via your existence and sharing of your own private special vibration.  Now it can be done the realization of one's soul signature's uniqueness may possibly provide up a disquieting concern deep inside you, since the hidden anxiety of standing out, or becoming distinctive, will surface faster or later. This concern will probably be much better for many who crave currently being like Other individuals, and who come to feel most at ease when their identification is submerged into a household, group, tribe, corporation, or other collective identity. And Individuals who have that deep problem are not likely studying this. You have been drawn to those matters by means of your realization that you're evolving, as well as your developing recognition that your soul has its possess person character.  

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