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Spiritual teachings emphasize that the essence is comprised of divine material -- universal consciousness. And this divine compound would be the Electrical power identified inside almost everything, everywhere you go.  But How would you reveal that every thing appears to have its individual exceptional identification? You aren't your dog, and You're not the tree in the property, either. You intuitively know this, and you also are secure in the awareness that you will be not anyone or something else. It appears somewhat obvious, doesn't it?  But why, then, are you always informed that we've been all one, and that we've been all constructed from the identical common substance? There should be some element, besides your egotistical insistence that it is so, that validates you are a unique remaining.  The cosmic ability that established your soul essence has also developed that uniquely Particular identifier: your thoroughly individual soul signature. Though Absolutely everyone writes their identify Along with the exact same standard letters, Every person also has their unique special stamp of individuality in their expression of All those essential letters, and this exclusive sample of expression is their handwritten signature.  Your soul signature, then, has to be a unique arrangement of These simple universal factors, just as your written signature uniquely expresses the basic alphabet in your own personal special way. And so this delivers up the chance that Whilst your soul is manufactured from a similar substance from which all souls were being created, you have a solitary distinction that can often stand in distinction to all other souls. This realization might bring you some reduction, since now you recognize that nevertheless deep your spiritual explorations could go, you won't evaporate into a vague void of cosmic nothingness as you development spiritually.  You will find, nonetheless, spiritual teachings that emphasize that the spiritual evolution will convey you to the location in which you are a person While using the divine supply, and you may shed your distinctive identification. Which will appear to be plausible, at first, Given that all familiarity with the universe is within you. So it does look possible that as your consciousness expands, your realization of the entire universe within just you'd probably shift your perspective. This may be a valid stage to contemplate, because your limited egocentric problems possible come from a slender, extremely own viewpoint.  But does this necessarily mean that when you expand in consciousness, your exceptional soul signature disappears?  This is unquestionably not so, mainly because your solely exclusive soul signature was developed for a vital purpose. While that you are made out of universal compound, your distinctive soul signature serves the next function for your universe. Your distinct soul signature is your one of a kind contribution that betters the universe, and that is why you ended up developed as The actual soul that you will be.  In the event your spiritual development ended up to simply decrease you down to your vital common material, without soul signature to individuate you, that may reduce the quality and richness out there throughout the universe. Plus the universe is in the point out of at any time evolving consciousness -- that may be its nature -- and so the universe Positive aspects from, as well as enjoys the Imaginative contributions from a one of a kind soul signature.  This means that you might eternally expand in consciousness, due to the fact that is the highest very good. Not surprisingly, It is far from so simple as some could choose, because the universe incorporates a dual delight in simplicity and complexity. Towards the consternation of  individuals that seek out to lessen every thing to the overly easy, these contradictory attributes are permanently intertwined in every single aspect of the universe.  Your spiritual progress expresses an infinite evolutionary spiral that unites these two paradoxical expansions inside your consciousness:  one. As you evolve, your ego releases restricting self-definitions, getting to be additional expansive, all-inclusive, and at one particular Using the universe.  two. And, while you evolve, your soul opens to its better definition of self. And that better comprehending involves your soul's uniqueness -- a deeper appreciation of your distinct soul signature.  So at the same time as your Moi is releasing limiting delusions of separation, your soul, at the very same time, becomes at any time a lot more mindful of its unique identity.  The interplay amongst these seemingly contrasting realizations may well describe why there are plenty of spiritual and philosophical paths. Both of these components seem to be opposed to one another, and it's been simpler to bypass the contradictions by focusing on one or the opposite of such seeming opposites. This simplified, even though incomplete, technique is absolutely easier to instruct.  Obviously, several teachings bypass the paradox entirely, by lessening their teachings to some set of beliefs. Main among these is that followers of that educating can get their critical identification by simply getting users of the religious team. Nicely, which is very simple, isn't really it? No problems there -- just do Whatever you're told, slot in, and also your identification is taken care of.  And for more youthful souls, This is certainly fantastic, because deeper problems about cosmic id and very long-phrase spiritual evolution are more ideal matters for the older soul. And that is why the more mature souls steadily diverge from organized spiritual follow, simply because they seek out somebody oriented, dogma-free of charge approach that honors their precise spiritual perception, without any substitutions of simplified beliefs and prefabricated identity.  How about the spiritual teachings that emphasize how your spiritual evolution potential customers you to a generalized void or infinite House of divine light-weight? Like lots of teachings, they the right way express a single part of the paradox. The element of your evolution that involves your Moi letting go of narrow restricting self-definitions is stated by these types of teachings.  Your Moi, turning into freed from slender definitions, does truly open up to some increased common identification. But This can be only Component of the procedure, since even when your ego is releasing its minimal id, your soul has started to become far more self-aware. And that is the missing piece in many spiritual teachings...  If your soul is creating its exclusive energy and target as it will come into an at any time-deeper realization of its have soul signature, then it's going to evolve spiritually into increased consciousness by way of its own unique pathway. And so your soul signature, produced to become contrary to any other, is truly carving its individual path, through its personal particular person character, which inevitably leads to its exceptional contribution for the universe. And this is just what the universal Inventive power that designed your soul has always desired.  The divine needs your uniqueness for being a catalyst to the universe, by your presence and sharing of your own private Unique vibration.  Now it is feasible that the realization of one's soul signature's uniqueness may possibly convey up a disquieting issue deep in just you, because the concealed dread of standing out, or becoming various, will surface area sooner or later on. This worry is going to be more robust for people who crave becoming like Other individuals, and who experience most comfortable when their identity is submerged into a household, team, tribe, corporation, or other collective id. And Individuals who have that deep issue are unlikely looking at this. You were being drawn to these subject areas by way of your realization that you will be evolving, along with your increasing recognition that your soul has its possess specific character.  

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