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Spiritual teachings emphasize that the essence is made out of divine compound -- universal consciousness. And this divine substance will be the energy found inside of every little thing, in all places.  But How will you reveal that everything appears to have its own distinctive id? You are not your Canine, and You're not the tree in the property, both. You intuitively know this, and you are protected while in the understanding that you're not a person or another thing. It appears relatively clear, would not it?  But why, then, are You usually told that we've been all one particular, and that we've been all produced from the exact same universal compound? There have to be some variable, besides your egotistical insistence that it is so, that validates that you're a novel staying.  The cosmic energy that made your soul essence has also made that uniquely Exclusive identifier: your extensively individual soul signature. Regardless that Everybody writes their identify with the exact same basic letters, everyone also has their very own exclusive stamp of individuality in their expression of those basic letters, which unique sample of expression is their handwritten signature.  Your soul signature, then, has to be a singular arrangement of People simple universal features, just as your composed signature uniquely expresses the basic alphabet in your individual Particular way. And so this provides up the likelihood that Despite the fact that your soul is crafted from the identical material from which all souls were being created, you have a solitary distinction that will often stand in distinction to all other souls. This realization may bring you some relief, because now you are aware that even so deep your spiritual explorations could go, you will not evaporate into a obscure void of cosmic nothingness when you progress spiritually.  You'll find, nonetheless, spiritual teachings that emphasize that the spiritual evolution will carry you into the position in which you are 1 With all the divine source, and you'll lose your exclusive identity. Which will feel plausible, at first, Given that all expertise in the universe is within just you. So it does seem to be probable that as your consciousness expands, your realization of the whole universe in just you'll shift your perspective. This may be a legitimate stage to take into consideration, mainly because your limited egocentric concerns probably originate from a slim, extremely private perspective.  But does this suggest that when you broaden in consciousness, your special soul signature disappears?  This is certainly not so, because your fully unique soul signature was produced for a vital cause. However that you are constructed from common compound, your special soul signature serves an increased purpose for your universe. Your distinctive soul signature is your distinctive contribution that betters the universe, and that's why you had been created as The actual soul that you'll be.  When your spiritual progress were to simply lessen you down to your vital universal substance, without soul signature to individuate you, that will reduce the standard and richness readily available throughout the universe. And also the universe is within a condition of at any time evolving consciousness -- that is definitely its character -- and so the universe Added benefits from, and also enjoys the creative contributions out of your exceptional soul signature.  This means that you will eternally increase in consciousness, simply because that's the best superior. Naturally, It's not necessarily so simple as some could possibly favor, as the universe provides a dual delight in simplicity and complexity. To the consternation of  those who seek out to reduce all the things to the overly easy, these contradictory characteristics are without end intertwined in every single element of the universe.  Your spiritual expansion expresses an infinite evolutionary spiral that unites both of these paradoxical expansions with your consciousness:  1. When you evolve, your ego releases restricting self-definitions, becoming much more expansive, all-inclusive, and at a person With all the universe.  2. And, when you evolve, your soul opens to its larger definition of self. Which better knowing features your soul's uniqueness -- a further appreciation of the unique soul signature.  So even as your ego is releasing restricting delusions of separation, your soul, at the very same time, turns into at any time additional mindful of its distinctive id.  The interplay between these seemingly contrasting realizations could reveal why there are numerous spiritual and philosophical paths. Both of these elements seem to be opposed to one another, and it's been simpler to bypass the contradictions by specializing in a single or the other of these seeming opposites. This simplified, though incomplete, strategy is undoubtedly simpler to instruct.  Obviously, many teachings bypass the paradox entirely, by cutting down their teachings to a set of beliefs. Chief among the these is followers of that teaching can get their critical id by simply staying users of a religious group. Very well, that's easy, just isn't it? No concerns there -- just do Everything you're told, slot in, and also your identification is looked after.  And for more youthful souls, This really is fantastic, due to the fact further issues about cosmic identity and long-expression spiritual evolution tend to be more appropriate issues to the more mature soul. And that's why the more mature souls gradually diverge from structured spiritual exercise, simply because they find an individual oriented, dogma-no cost technique that honors their precise spiritual notion, without having substitutions of simplified beliefs and prefabricated identity.  What about the spiritual teachings that emphasize how your spiritual evolution sales opportunities you to a generalized void or infinite space of divine mild? Like lots of teachings, they correctly Categorical a single Section of the paradox. The facet of your evolution that requires your Moi letting go of slender restricting self-definitions is described by these teachings.  Your Moi, getting freed from narrow definitions, does truly open to a better universal identification. But This can be only Portion of the procedure, simply because even though your ego is releasing its confined identity, your soul has become a lot more self-informed. And that's the lacking piece in several spiritual teachings...  Should your soul is creating its one of a kind energy and emphasis since it arrives into an at any time-further realization of its personal soul signature, then it will evolve spiritually into increased consciousness by means of its personal unique pathway. And so your soul signature, developed for being not like almost every other, is actually carving its have path, by way of its have individual character, which inevitably results in its unique contribution towards the universe. And this is what the universal Inventive electric power that created your soul has usually desired.  The divine would like your uniqueness for being a catalyst to the universe, via your existence and sharing of your own private Distinctive vibration.  Now it can be done that the realization within your soul signature's uniqueness could convey up a disquieting problem deep inside you, because the concealed fear of standing out, or staying distinctive, will area quicker or later on. This worry is going to be more robust for those who crave being like Other individuals, and who truly feel most relaxed when their id is submerged into a household, group, tribe, company, or other collective id. And Individuals who have that deep worry are unlikely examining this. You were being drawn to these matters as a result of your realization that you are evolving, and your increasing recognition that the soul has its possess unique character.  

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