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Spiritual teachings emphasize that your essence is created from divine material -- universal consciousness. Which divine compound could be the Vitality found in just anything, all over the place.  But How will you explain that all the things seems to have its own distinctive id? You aren't your Pet, and you are not the tree as part of your lawn, either. You intuitively know this, so you are safe in the understanding that you'll be not someone or something else. It seems somewhat noticeable, will not it?  But why, then, are You mostly instructed that we have been all one particular, Which we are all constructed from the same universal substance? There should be some issue, other than your egotistical insistence that it's so, that validates you are a novel becoming.  The cosmic power that developed your soul essence has also made that uniquely Distinctive identifier: your completely personal soul signature. Although Anyone writes their title Using the similar basic letters, All people also has their very own exclusive stamp of individuality inside their expression of those basic letters, and this distinctive sample of expression is their handwritten signature.  Your soul signature, then, needs to be a singular arrangement of All those standard common things, just as your composed signature uniquely expresses The fundamental alphabet in your very own Exclusive way. And so this provides up the chance that While your soul is manufactured from the exact same compound from which all souls ended up built, you do have a solitary difference that should generally stand in distinction to all other souls. This realization might convey you some reduction, for the reason that now you recognize that however deep your spiritual explorations may perhaps go, you won't evaporate right into a imprecise void of cosmic nothingness while you progress spiritually.  There are actually, however, spiritual teachings that emphasize that your spiritual evolution will bring you to the area in which you are just one With all the divine supply, and you may reduce your unique identification. That may seem to be plausible, initially, considering that all familiarity with the universe is inside of you. So it does appear probably that as your consciousness expands, your realization of your complete universe in you'll shift your point of view. This may be a legitimate position to take into account, for the reason that your confined egocentric issues probable come from a slim, extremely own viewpoint.  But does this signify that while you grow in consciousness, your special soul signature disappears?  This is without a doubt not so, for the reason that your fully special soul signature was developed for an essential motive. Although you might be made from common material, your exceptional soul signature serves a higher operate for the universe. Your exclusive soul signature is your exclusive contribution that betters the universe, and that's why you were being produced as The actual soul that you are.  If your spiritual development have been to just decrease you all the way down to your crucial common material, without soul signature to individuate you, that will lessen the quality and richness accessible throughout the universe. And the universe is in the point out of at any time evolving consciousness -- that may be its nature -- and And so the universe Rewards from, and perhaps enjoys the Resourceful contributions from a distinctive soul signature.  Because of this you might eternally expand in consciousness, simply because that is the greatest superior. Naturally, It is far from as simple as some may like, as the universe features a twin delight in simplicity and complexity. Towards the consternation of  individuals that look for to lessen every thing towards the overly uncomplicated, these contradictory qualities are eternally intertwined in each and every facet of the universe.  Your spiritual advancement expresses an infinite evolutionary spiral that unites these two paradoxical expansions within your consciousness:  1. While you evolve, your Moi releases limiting self-definitions, starting to be more expansive, all-inclusive, and at 1 With all the universe.  two. And, when you evolve, your soul opens to its increased definition of self. And that bigger knowledge consists of your soul's uniqueness -- a deeper appreciation of your unique soul signature.  So even as your Moi is releasing limiting delusions of separation, your soul, at the exact same time, turns into at any time additional aware of its distinctive identification.  The interplay in between these seemingly contrasting realizations might describe why there are lots of spiritual and philosophical paths. These two elements seem to be opposed to one another, and it's been simpler to bypass the contradictions by focusing on one or one other of these seeming opposites. This simplified, nevertheless incomplete, technique is certainly much easier to instruct.  Needless to say, a lot of teachings bypass the paradox completely, by reducing their teachings to a list of beliefs. Main between these is usually that followers of that training can get their important identification by simply staying members of the religious group. Nicely, that's very simple, just isn't it? No problems there -- just do what you're explained to, slot in, plus your id is cared for.  And for youthful souls, this is great, since further issues about cosmic id and very long-phrase spiritual evolution tend to be more appropriate matters with the more mature soul. And that's why the older souls little by little diverge from arranged spiritual apply, mainly because they find a person oriented, dogma-cost-free tactic that honors their genuine spiritual notion, without having substitutions of simplified beliefs and prefabricated identity.  What about the spiritual teachings that emphasize how your spiritual evolution potential customers you to a generalized void or infinite space of divine light? Like numerous teachings, they correctly express one particular Section of the paradox. The facet of your evolution that involves your Moi permitting go of slim restricting self-definitions is described by these kinds of teachings.  Your ego, starting to be freed from slim definitions, does truly open to the greater common id. But This really is only Component of the process, because even though your ego is releasing its constrained identification, your soul is starting to become a lot more self-mindful. And that is the lacking piece in several spiritual teachings...  Should your soul is setting up its exceptional toughness and focus since it comes into an at any time-deeper realization of its individual soul signature, then it will evolve spiritually into higher consciousness by way of its possess unique pathway. And so your soul signature, developed for being unlike every other, is actually carving its individual path, by its individual personal character, which inevitably brings about its one of a kind contribution to the universe. And this is what the universal creative energy that created your soul has normally preferred.  The divine wants your uniqueness to generally be a catalyst for your universe, by your existence and sharing of your personal Distinctive vibration.  Now it can be done which the realization of the soul signature's uniqueness may perhaps bring up a disquieting issue deep in just you, as the hidden panic of standing out, or currently being various, will surface area faster or later. This issue will be much better for people who crave staying like Other individuals, and who feel most comfy when their identification is submerged right into a loved ones, group, tribe, corporation, or other collective identification. And Individuals who have that deep issue are not likely studying this. You had been drawn to those topics by means of your realization that you will be evolving, and your increasing recognition that your soul has its very own personal character.  

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