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It s been one year since I got the quot;migraine piercing quot; I tried the daith piercing for migraines on February 19 2016 It s been one heck of a year and I m super excited to tell you all

This article explains everything you need to know about daith piercing pain including how much each part of the process is going to hurt

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Last week I saw a few articles pop up on my Facebook newsfeed about the daith piercing What is a daith piercing you might ask Its a piercing on your crus helix which is the part of your ear above the tragus Its basically a small piercing tucked into your ear that could easily be Read More

he Daith is a piece within your ear, comprised entirely of cartilage, and it is the outer of rim of cartilage closest to The top. Not Many of us have daith piercings, and in some cases considerably less think It's a piercable region of the body, but be assured, the daith IS piercable and it does glance superb!  Cartilage is very little in excess of connective tissue, and also the daith is no exception. Despite the fact that placed on (and somewhat in) the ear, the daith piercings will under no circumstances influence your sense of Listening to or your equilibrium. There are actually not many nerves operating from the daith, yet Many of us who get this pierced report a decent degree of unpleasant pressure remaining felt, although this normally from your clamps a piercer would use to protected the area. Bleeding can materialize with this piercing, not because of the piercing approach for each se, but since Many of us are very careless with their ears. New piercings, significantly in cartilage, are extremely delicate to abuse, so Placing mobile devices versus your daith, using a q-tip also harshly, shoving iPod headphones (or any headphones) inside your freshly pierced ear, or urgent your palms versus your ears as well tough will agitate your piercing and will ensure it is bleed. The daith is in a complicated location (with the ear - inside the grand plan of items, its not virtually one of the most complicated piercing out there) so if you are looking at a daith piercing, ensure you are incredibly careful and protecting of it for a minimum of 3 to 6 months!  Stretching the daith would be exceptionally unpleasant, so gauging it wouldn't be encouraged by any Skilled or respected piercer. Most jewelry Employed in daith piercings are captive bead rings (and this kind of jewellery can help aid the therapeutic procedure since it's more durable for Make-nearly accrue) Even though other sorts of jewelry which include curved or round barbells might be acceptable. Naturally, don't even think about changing the jewellery until eventually it is completely healed - that may choose from three months to your year - as well as then, your distinct ear form might not be conducive to either barbell shape During this locale.  The aftercare is very conventional for a cartilage ear piercing: soak in warm salt h2o, Do not contact it with the grimy hands, never use rubbing alcohol or Neosporin on it, Really don't use headphones that require insertion in the ear (you will find a good deal in the marketplace that will not irritate your piercing), and just be very Light together with your In general ear. From the event of an infection, sustain your aftercare regimen, but see your piercer for more advice. From time to time, gently patting diluted tea tree oil allows with swelling and infection, but talk to your piercer initial. With right care administration and vigilance, your daith piercing will mend flawlessly in no time!  

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