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Spiritual teachings emphasize that the essence is comprised of divine material -- common consciousness. And this divine compound may be the Vitality found inside of everything, everywhere.  But how do you describe that every little thing appears to have its individual distinctive id? You are not your dog, and You're not the tree as part of your yard, possibly. You intuitively know this, and you simply are protected in the information you are not someone or another thing. It seems somewhat clear, would not it?  But why, then, are You mostly told that we are all 1, Which we've been all produced from the same common substance? There have to be some component, in addition to your egotistical insistence that it is so, that validates that you are a unique remaining.  The cosmic power that made your soul essence has also designed that uniquely Distinctive identifier: your totally person soul signature. While Absolutely everyone writes their title Along with the exact primary letters, Every person also has their very own exceptional stamp of individuality in their expression of Individuals fundamental letters, which one of a kind sample of expression is their handwritten signature.  Your soul signature, then, need to be a novel arrangement of These fundamental common features, equally as your penned signature uniquely expresses The fundamental alphabet in your individual special way. And so this provides up the chance that While your soul is made from the exact same substance from which all souls were produced, you've got a solitary distinction which will often stand in contrast to all other souls. This realization may perhaps convey you some aid, due to the fact now you are aware that having said that deep your spiritual explorations may possibly go, you won't evaporate into a vague void of cosmic nothingness while you progress spiritually.  There are, however, spiritual teachings that emphasize that your spiritual evolution will carry you to your put where you are a single Together with the divine source, and you'll shed your unique identification. That may appear to be plausible, at first, Given that all expertise in the universe is within just you. So it does look possible that as your consciousness expands, your realization of the entire universe in you'd probably shift your viewpoint. This can be a sound level to consider, for the reason that your restricted egocentric fears most likely originate from a slender, extremely particular perspective.  But does this mean that as you extend in consciousness, your distinctive soul signature disappears?  This is undoubtedly not so, because your totally one of a kind soul signature was created for an important motive. While you will be produced from common compound, your exclusive soul signature serves an increased function for that universe. Your distinct soul signature is your special contribution that betters the universe, and that is why you have been created as The actual soul you are.  When your spiritual progress were being to just decrease you right down to your critical universal compound, without soul signature to individuate you, that might lessen the standard and richness available within the universe. Plus the universe is in a very point out of at any time evolving consciousness -- that is definitely its mother nature -- and And so the universe Positive aspects from, and even enjoys the Innovative contributions from a special soul signature.  Consequently you will eternally increase in consciousness, because that is the greatest good. Needless to say, It is far from as simple as some might like, since the universe incorporates a twin delight in simplicity and complexity. Into the consternation of  people that search for to scale back every little thing towards the extremely basic, these contradictory qualities are permanently intertwined in each aspect of the universe.  Your spiritual advancement expresses an infinite evolutionary spiral that unites both of these paradoxical expansions with your consciousness:  1. While you evolve, your ego releases restricting self-definitions, starting to be much more expansive, all-inclusive, and at a person Together with the universe.  two. And, when you evolve, your soul opens to its better definition of self. And that better comprehending includes your soul's uniqueness -- a further appreciation of your distinctive soul signature.  So whilst your ego is releasing limiting delusions of separation, your soul, at the exact same time, gets at any time extra aware about its distinctive identification.  The interplay between these seemingly contrasting realizations may perhaps demonstrate why there are plenty of spiritual and philosophical paths. Both of these things appear to be opposed to each other, and it has been easier to bypass the contradictions by concentrating on one particular or one other of these seeming opposites. This simplified, though incomplete, strategy is certainly simpler to teach.  Naturally, lots of teachings bypass the paradox solely, by lessening their teachings into a set of beliefs. Main among the these is that followers of that training will get their important identity simply by staying members of the spiritual group. Very well, that is uncomplicated, is not it? No problems there -- just do Anything you're told, slot in, and also your identification is looked after.  And for more youthful souls, This can be fantastic, due to the fact deeper worries about cosmic identification and extended-time period spiritual evolution are more ideal issues to the more mature soul. And that is why the more mature souls slowly diverge from organized spiritual exercise, since they request someone oriented, dogma-free technique that honors their precise spiritual notion, without any substitutions of simplified beliefs and prefabricated identification.  How about the spiritual teachings that emphasize how your spiritual evolution potential customers you to definitely a generalized void or infinite Area of divine gentle? Like lots of teachings, they the right way Categorical one particular Component of the paradox. The aspect of your evolution that includes your ego allowing go of slim limiting self-definitions is defined by such teachings.  Your Moi, getting to be freed from slender definitions, does actually open to your greater common identity. But That is only Element of the procedure, mainly because even while your Moi is releasing its minimal identity, your soul has become extra self-knowledgeable. And that is the lacking piece in many spiritual teachings...  If the soul is constructing its unique energy and emphasis since it arrives into an ever-further realization of its very own soul signature, then it'll evolve spiritually into higher consciousness by its have unique pathway. And so your soul signature, made to get as opposed to almost every other, is actually carving its have route, by its possess unique character, which inevitably leads to its one of a kind contribution to the universe. Which is what the universal Imaginative ability that established your soul has often preferred.  The divine wants your uniqueness to be a catalyst with the universe, via your presence and sharing of your own Exclusive vibration.  Now it is feasible that the realization within your soul signature's uniqueness may possibly convey up a disquieting worry deep inside of you, since the hidden concern of standing out, or being different, will area quicker or later on. This worry is going to be stronger for people who crave remaining like others, and who feel most relaxed when their identity is submerged into a spouse and children, team, tribe, company, or other collective identification. And Individuals who have that deep issue are not likely examining this. You were drawn to these topics through your realization you are evolving, plus your developing recognition that your soul has its possess specific character.  

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